Sunday, April 27, 2008


This baby was just lucky it didn't find its way home with me. I fell in love with him!

Everytime Brady's older sister and CJ play, I kid her and say, "so Kaylee, you coming home with me right?" And then the sweet smile wipes off her face and she really gets scared, like I am serious. I mean, look how much fun we have together. This was when Brady was eating, and Kaylee was "eating" the camera!But I would take her home she is sooo good and sweet, and I love her. And now I have one more of her to love.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I lost two pounds!

(Well I sorta cheated)

My sweet teaching friend, Nancy Chung,  inspired me to do something I wouldn't have ever thought to do. Kindness is contagious. If this inspires you, comment about something you did and who knows, maybe it will catch on!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Brooke

A small sneak peak as I am editing your photos.
PS I love your babies!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am trying my hardest, but....

i cannot keep my son from eating dog food. And it kills me, because it takes all my energy to see that he doesn't get hit by a car running away from me, or is friendly but cautious of strangers, that he eats healthy food all day like carrots and apples, and then the area I am failing hugely at is the snacking on our labs meals.

Successes; 1. Locking the door in which we store the food with dead bolt.
2. Explaining in great detail that it will make him sick.
3. Giving him the responsibility in feeding the dogs.

Failures: 1. Giving him the responsibility in feeding the dogs.

He usually asks me, "mamma, just one, one, just one." But tonight, after dropping the bowl of dog food on his way to give it to our lab, he gracefully snatched a handful and started munching away furiously so that I couldn't stop him. What could he possibly like about it? I mean he doesn't even eat chicken! Even after brushing his teeth, he still smelled like my dogs.

Well these two boys were a blast, and I am sure their mamma has some stories to tell about them at three. I will just say now that I was thrilled that they were looking for something other than a smile and perfection. She said to me, "Noel, I am looking for something that is just them, who they are right now." And that "them" was hillarious. We climbed trees, went on the swing, ate oranges, wrestled, jumped, raced, played leap frog, and had a BLAST! Oh, and if you are looking for framing, Kerri is over at Framer's Workshop in Lake Forest, and they do a BEAUTIFUL!! job. I have used them many times.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

OC Mama, that's me!

How cool did these people make me look!
But really, these parties have been tons of fun.
Thanks Arianne!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Friend Steph...

A photographer once put it in words how I felt. "taking photos is my love language" deep , I know. Couln't possibly have come up with that one on my own.
But honestly, I so loved taking pictures for my friend Stephanie and her very own J, aka Jason.

Steph took my classroom over when I was pregnant with CJ. She was AWESOME! Luckily, she got a job teaching on the same team as me. She never even had that first year teaching catastrophe stories that I so remember. She was born for this job. She is the glue of our second team, she is so in love with her kids, and truly wants the best for them. And you should see her post-it collection!

And then she goes and gets engaged!! So excited for the two of them. Santa Monica was a blast! Thanks for hanging out with me.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trading Places

So we are driving to the beach, and i am as nervous as can be. I am not sure if we are wearing the perfect outfits, or if my chin blemish will be too noticable, or if CJ will actually behave, and I know we are soooooo late, and I really want these pictures, but don't actually know if it really worth all this.

But it is.

Because now I have a few photos to have in my house proving that Cj is not the product of a single father home. Some pictures that will remind me the special time that this is in our family.

Thank you Michelle! We are so happy with the photos, and we will charish them always.

And to my clients, I am totally getting you now!